The new door to
to talent sourcing

Get to know the tool that can become
your best ally for your next search for candidates.

Fast loading and full
scontrol over all your searches.

With iHunt you publish your job offers on the platform in a very simple way. You have control of all your searches
and the state in which they are.

You can also leave draft offers, and duplicate them in case of similar searches to save time in the description of the profiles.

Go from a vacancy to a shortlist
of candidates in just 1 week.

When you activate a search for your company through our platform, an active sourcing process immediately begins where +2,700 iHunters work to find the best candidates for each vacancy.

Simultaneously, the intelligent filtering process is activated enabling the best match between candidates and your search profile.

Transparent and effective process

In an average time per process of 5 business days, you will discover a before and after in talent acquisition.

You will be notified when the long list of candidates is activated. At that time you will be able to select your valuable candidates. Finally, you will find the short list displayed on your platform with the ideal candidates for your search.

Additional options

You can request in addition to the traditional process
the psychometric test service.

In addition, an Extended Warranty is available,
where the selection process is reiterated by adding 3 new
candidates to the search that was active.

Let's revolutionize the
talent attraction industry, together.

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