Find valuable candidates in a simple, economic and effective way.

Learn about the system that is revolutionizing talent
attraction throughout the region.

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10x faster

Our system combines AI and crowd sourcing, allowing us to deliver a shortlist of candidates in only 5 business days.

10x más cheaper

Our tool is 10 times cheaper than any consulting service.

10x more effective

With outreach to more than 31 countries, we ensure a shortlist of talent tailored to your needs.




Resolved job vacancies





The best ally for Human
Resources and Talent
Attraction needs.

Meet your personnel selection objectives
in a timely manner.

iHunt helps you match high
potential candidates for your job openings.

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We solve the most important

We take care of sourcing: the most difficult and at the
same time the most important aspect of talent attraction.

Active Sourcing

Multiply the quality of your selection processes through our
Active Sourcing system.

We combine artificial intelligence algorithms and
collaborative economies
, so you can obtain
a list of valuable candidates up to 10 times faster
and more effectively than any other solution.

Regional Reach

Find the best talent for your job offers
no matter where.

We have effective coverage throughout the region.

Smart Filtering

Our algorithms allow us to speed up the candidates'
pre - selection process exponentially.

Your company will save up to 30x time in identifying
valuable candidates.

Impacting the productivity of
+200 companies

Top talent is
8X times more productive.

McKinney, 2021

Publishing your job offers on our platform will allow you
to find valuable candidates in a timely manner.

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